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Debt collection

SVC collects debts from companies and natural persons in Lithuania, Russia and Europe.


The Client is constantly informed of the work performed by SVC by means of presenting reports.
SVC also quarterly provides its Clients with analysis of the debts handed for collection.


On signing the contract SVC provides its Client with a password for Debt Administration Database.
By means of password the Client is enabled to use information about companies, breaking their financial commitments, stored in the Database.


A lot of our attention is given to prevention of debts.
In order to prevent arising of debts, we provide our Clients with free consultations on credit management, debt collection, as well as other business and legal issues.
We also give recommendations and offer practical help in preparing contracts and other legal documents to be used in Client's course of business.

Certificates for writing-off the debts

If the debt collection has not been successful and the Client wishes, SVC provides the Client with a certificate-recommendation to acknowledge the debt as being hopeless and to write it off the Client's accounts.


We pay attention to your business partners.