Debt collection

SVC provides the Client with a seal, which is put on the last reminder sent to the debtor. The seal informs the debtor that, should it not pay the receivables, debt collection will be handed to SVC. As practice shows, this means of influencing the debtor is very effective, and most of the debtors pay the receivables after such a reminder.

If within a week after receiving this reminder the debtor does not pay to the Client, debt collection is handed over to SVC.

We usually recommend to hand the debt to us as soon as possible, as the Client not only reduces the risk of not regaining the debt, but also saves its money, which it would pay for every case, where timely debt payment is exceeded by 3 months.

On signing of Debt Handing Act SVC sends the reminder letter to the debtor, whereby he is informed that according to the contract with the Client SVC is instructed to collect the debt.

Should the debt not be paid after the first reminder, debt collection is continued by other legal means- negotiations, constant reminding and persuading to pay by telephone calls and in writing etc.

Within three months after receiving of a debt, SVC provides the Client with recommendations in regard with the actions to follow.

If pre-legal debt collection is not successful, and provided there is a perspective to collect the debt by legal means (which includes not only possibility to win the case in court, but also to actually regain the debt), the Client is provided with the Recommendation for starting legal action. SVC prepares all the documents required by law and represents the Client within legal proceedings.


…this is only communication means. In our hands it is means for solving your problems.